Why be part of a Sunday School class or Small Group?

South Main is a place for relationships. Being part of a Sunday School / Small Group allows you to connect spiritually and relationally with others who are at the same stage of life. Each group meets weekly for Bible study discussions, fellowship, prayer and of course…coffee!  We like to say it like this…”Small Groups Big Blessings”

Finding Your Place

You do not have to register prior to attending one of these groups.  We will help you learn the group options and get connected with the group of your choice. We encourage you to visit multiple groups to find the one that best fits you.  If you would like some assistance in finding a group, please fill out the form below and we will contact you immediately or ask a volunteer at our CONNECTION CENTER who will assist immediately.  

Other Groups

Throughout the year we offer Discipleship Groups and Support Groups.  Discipleship Groups are usually held on Wednesday evenings and cover short-term topics such as prayer, women’s studies, men’s studies and more.  These groups last from 6-8 weeks.  Support Groups such as “GriefShare” , “DivorceCare” and our men’s recovery group are designed to meet specific needs.  They meet at various times throughout the year.

Let's find a group for you!