Fall Discipleship Groups

This fall we are happy to offer three bible study opportunities starting Wednesday evening, September 11th @ 6:00 p.m. These elective classes will be offered at the same time as our evening prayer meeting. Here are our discipleship group options. 

  1. Grief Share: This group will meet weekly to provide care and discussion on the long path through the loss of a spouse, child, friend or relative.  Video, discussion group and workbook used.  This group is designed for men and women.  (13 weeks: Leader: Brittany Aga.  Room A306)

  2. Praying with Passion. Gather for a time of study to establish an effective prayer life that increases your faith and opens your eyes to the work of God around you. (5 weeks: Led by Abby Banks.  Room A307)

  3. Archeology and the Bible: Join Dr. Rust and discover how archeology supports the Bible and how the Bible supports archeology.  This class is designed for men and women and is a great choice for Sunday School teachers or any student of God’s Word.  (6-7 weeks, led by Dr. Kevin Rust.  Room A303A)

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