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Bible Reading Plan | June 17, 2023



“You, however, must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine.” (Titus 2:1). The apostle Paul wrote this letter to his coworker Titus at a time when the church was being plagued by apathy and false doctrine. Paul writes to Titus to beware of rebellious people who were deceiving people with “meaningless talk.” Paul writes that they are of the “circumcision group,” who taught that, to become a Christian, one must first adopt all the Jewish practices and ceremonies (including circumcision).


In our scripture for today, Paul exhorts Titus to teach appropriate and sound doctrine as the best weapon to fight against the false teachers who were confusing the church. Titus is challenged by Paul to teach all generations the truth. Older women should be taught reverence and clean living. Then they, in turn, can teach the younger women how to love and treat their husbands and children.

Also, young men should be taught self-control so their lifestyles back up their speech in sharing the Good News of Jesus. Even servants should serve their masters with excellence. This will give credence to their message of Jesus Christ.

As you read our focal scripture for today, recognize that you must do the following things: First you must teach. You don’t have a choice, really. Your lips and your life will teach others around you, so make sure you are always pointing people toward Jesus Christ and not away from him.

Second, you must teach the appropriate content. Unlike the false teachers who were trying to bring unsuspecting church members back under the oppression of the law, we should teach the true doctrine of freedom in Christ Jesus.

Third, you must teach sound doctrine. The truth will endure forever. The truth is sound, strong, and secure. False doctrines and teachers will soon pass away, but the truth of God as revealed in Jesus Christ will last forever!

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