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Bible Reading Plan | June 19, 2022



Ancient Israel was surrounded by pagan nations. They were evil and uncaring. They engaged in violent, immoral, and abhorrent practices. And they rejected the one true God of Israel, preferring instead to worship idols, made by human hands. And, our scripture for today, Psalm 135, states in no uncertain terms the supremacy of the true God of Israel over pagan idols.


Psalm 135

1 Praise the Lord.

Praise the name of the Lord;

praise him, you servants of the Lord,

2 you who minister in the house of the Lord,

in the courts of the house of our God.

3 Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good;

sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant.

4 For the Lord has chosen Jacob to be his own,

Israel to be his treasured possession.

5 I know that the Lord is great,

that our Lord is greater than all gods.

6 The Lord does whatever pleases him,

in the heavens and on the earth,

in the seas and all their depths.

7 He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth;

he sends lightning with the rain

and brings out the wind from his storehouses.

8 He struck down the firstborn of Egypt,

the firstborn of people and animals.

9 He sent his signs and wonders into your midst, Egypt,

against Pharaoh and all his servants.

10 He struck down many nations

and killed mighty kings—

11 Sihon king of the Amorites,

Og king of Bashan,

and all the kings of Canaan—

12 and he gave their land as an inheritance,

an inheritance to his people Israel.

13 Your name, Lord, endures forever,

your renown, Lord, through all generations.

14 For the Lord will vindicate his people

and have compassion on his servants.

15 The idols of the nations are silver and gold,

made by human hands.

16 They have mouths, but cannot speak,

eyes, but cannot see.

17 They have ears, but cannot hear,

nor is there breath in their mouths.

18 Those who make them will be like them,

and so will all who trust in them.

19 All you Israelites, praise the Lord;

house of Aaron, praise the Lord;

20 house of Levi, praise the Lord;

you who fear him, praise the Lord.

21 Praise be to the Lord from Zion,

to him who dwells in Jerusalem.

Praise the Lord


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