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COVID-19 UPDATE (March 17, 2020 4:00pm)

Responding to the challenge of COVID-19 with exciting news and ministry opportunities. This communication will be updated each day between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM.


  • Amazing Things in Weird Times. I’ve noticed that down through history, God does amazing things during weird times. And…your South Main Baptist Church family wants you to know all about how to understand these times.

  • New Opportunity. Now, even though we cannot worship together publicly, we are LIVE on the radio at TWO TIMES each Sunday mornings. Our contemporary worship experience will be broadcast LIVE at 8:30 AM or you may tune into our LIVE classic radio program at 11:00 AM. Everyone needs hope and faith, so join us every Sunday at 8:30 AM or 11:00 AM on Sunny 103.5 FM.


  • Go to Church Without Going to Church! Again, these times dictate that we cannot worship together face-to-face, but we are still providing LIVE worship experiences that you can stream each Sunday morning.

  • Two Ways to Stream. Just go to our South Main Baptist Church facebook page to click and stream at either 8:30 AM or 11:00 AM each Sunday. Or, if you don’t do facebook, just go to (www.southmain.church) and click on the LIVE link at either 8:30 AM or 11:00 AM each Sunday.


  • Daily Updates. Our commitment is to communicate with you each day by 4:00 PM by email and social media with updated news. And…for our members without Internet of Facebook we will employ live and automatic telephone calls with important information.


  • Sunday Schedule. “Public” worship at South Main is cancelled through March 31. You can still “attend” worship virtually by streaming (www.southmain.church), or by listening on radio (Sunny 103.5 FM). Try it…you will like it!

  • Sunday School. “Public” Sunday School small group meetings have been cancelled through March 31 but in tomorrow’s (March 18) communique you will be given some exciting options on how to participate in Sunday School remotely.

  • Sunday Evening Activities. Like Sunday morning and Sunday School, all Sunday evening activities at South Main have been postponed through March 31.

  • Wednesday Evening Activities. All Wednesday activities at South Main are cancelled, but stay tuned for some exciting ways we are planning to still share prayer requests, and prayer activities through emails, phone chains, etc.

  • Learning Express Preschool. Our Learning Express preschool, following the advice of our governor and public-school system will be closed through March 31. Please contact Learning Express if you need any other details of if they can be of service to you in any way. Email us at learningexpress@southmain.church or call us at (864) 223-1843.

  • Office Schedule. Our office hours are currently unchanged, but initially, we are only available by phone or email during regular posted hours. Please contact us if we can ever be of service to you in any way. Email us at info@southmain.church or call us at (864) 223-4377.


  • Ministry Organization. We are organizing most of our church ministry needs through our Sunday School small groups. Our Deacons and Staff are also at the ready to help with any spiritual or practical needs that may arise.

  • Let Us Know. If you know of any ministry needs please email us at the following address, (info@southmain.church), or call us at (864) 229-4377.


  • Wonderful Developments that You will Hear about Soon! We are working with community, educational, medical, and governmental leaders to help with any community needs that may arise. You will be hearing these plans as they develop.


  • Physical Health. Please continue to be safe and healthy by following these hints. Remember to use social distancing. Instead of shaking hands use other ways to greet like elbow bumps, smiling, waving, verbal greeting, etc. Next, please be sure to wash your hands well and frequently and avoid touching surfaces that may be contaminated by someone who is infected. Also, if you have any flu-type symptoms (especially if accompanied by fever), contact your preferred health provider.

  • More Information. Detailed info about how to stay healthy during this COVID-19 outbreak is available atwww.cdc.gov/coronavirus or contact your local doctor or department of health.

  • Spiritual Health. Last and most important, remember that the Lord is in charge of this, and every, situation we confront. I have no doubt that He will lead us through this time.

Dr. Toby Frost

Senior Pastor, SMBC

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