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Apple PESTLE Analysis - Points to Consider

If you were looking for Assignment Help, you've come to the right place. You will see some important points in this blog.

Apple is one of only a few American technology companies with sizable cash reserves. The bank had $34.7 billion as of June 30, 2015. In the U.S.A., where income disparity has become a major political issue, this is prompting calls for higher corporate taxes. Meanwhile, if you require Accounting Assignment Help, you should seek the assistance of qualified professionals.

Here is theApple PESTLE analysis:

· Apple relies heavily on China's lower-cost manufacturing. Manufacturing in China may be disrupted, or costs may increase due to social and political unrest. Import restrictions on Chinese goods have also been proposed in order to stimulate American manufacturing. (Political)

· Middle-class earnings stagnation in several industrialized nations, particularly the United States, economics assignment help may limit the potential market for higher-end consumer items such as Apple's. (Economic)

· Over the next few decades, consumer spending will grow the most in places like Africa, where people are unfamiliar with Apple products. Consumers in those regions and younger people in Apple's traditional markets, such as the United States, lack the deep emotional attachment to Apple products that drives sales. (Social)

· Google and Samsung, e.g., have demonstrated a strong ability to imitate Apple's products and services. In less than a year, Google released Android Pay, a payment tool with features similar to Apple Pay. As a result, many of Apple's distinguishing services and products are no longer available. (Technological)

· Apple Pay is the company's foray into the strict regulatory financial services sector. This could result in more government regulation and oversight. (Legal)

· Apple's main environmental concern is how to dispose of discarded or broken electronic devices. Electronics disposal, particularly those containing lithium batteries, may be costly. Apple may be required to bear that cost due to concerns about such devices ending up in landfills. (Environmental)

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