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Bible Reading Plan | May 26, 2023



We are halfway through the Bible in our study…how exciting! As you know, the South Main Bible Reading Plan includes a key verse from each verse of the Bible. And, today marks our halfway point with Micah 7:18 being our focal passage for today. “Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy.” (Micah 7:18)


Micah was a prophet from Judah who was concerned about social ills present in his land. And, there were many! Land-grabbers oppressed the people, while the wealthy surrounded themselves with false prophets to tell them they were in the right. Judah’s leaders were wicked, crooked, and insensitive to the needs of the citizens they were called to serve. Many religious leaders were insincere and preached false messages.

In the light of this corrupt situation, Micah pronounces doom upon the wicked society of his day. He proclaims the message of a stern and holy God who has had His fill of Judah’s sin. He presents a LORD who is about to extract divine judgment upon an unfaithful culture.

But…as much as the LORD hates idolatry, injustice, rebellion and empty ritualism, He delights in pardoning those who repent! In the midst of his anger there is hope! A coming Messiah will deliver those who love and follow God. Though it seems that Judah and the kingly line of David are about to come to an end, there will be an even greater glory in the future than ever before.

As you read this verse, never give up hope…even in our wicked society. Through the Messiah Jesus, revival can come to the hearts of those who trust in Him, but judgment awaits those who reject his offer of compassion, grace, and mercy.


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