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Unreached People Groups

To the Ends of the Earth

As we continue to involve the church in our unreached people group strategy, specifically the work in Africa, we have built this new webpage which will help in finding prayer resources, trip information and dates, updates from Africa and much more.  Here is a snapshot of what you can find immediately in the area of PRAYING.


UPG 30 Day Prayer Guide

Pray for the people of Sub-Saharan Africa

Join the Pray24 Team

Receive urgent prayer requests from our

mission partners in Africa.

Text Pray24 to (864) 392-9815

If you are willing to join this prayer group you are committing yourself to be notified by our mission team with any emergency or crises prayer requests we receive from Africa and our IMB missionaries.

Small Group & People Groups

Each Sunday we will provide a new prayer request for Small Groups to pray for.  Each prayer request will be printed on a poster and hung in your small group classroom.

Give to the UPG Initiative

You can give to our Unreached People Groups (UPG) initiative by using the drop down box found on our online giving portal.  When giving to the SMBC UPG initiative the money will be used to send teams from our church to Africa along with special projects like freshwater wells and purchasing computers for our Bible Translation team who is working alongside Wycliffe Bible Translators in the creation of a NT into the Chowbe language.

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