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Family Group Night | OCTOBER 9, 2022



Read It

John 3:30

“He must become greater; I must become less.”


Discover It

The central character in this passage of scripture is a man known as “John the Baptist” or literally, “John the Baptizer.” His preaching prepared the way for Jesus’ coming. Jesus' mother, Mary, and John's mother, Elizabeth, were relatives. And like Jesus, an angel proclaimed the birth of John the Baptist. John was that voice crying in the wilderness preparing the way for Jesus, the Messiah. But once Jesus burst on the scene, John’s disciples began following Jesus in droves. All this was fine with John. He recognized Jesus as the Lord and Savior. His whole purpose was to exalt Jesus Christ. This is why he said, “He must become greater; I must become less.”


Ask It

1. John the Baptist stated that Jesus, “…must become greater.” What do you think John was talking about when he made that statement?

2. To make Jesus greater means to “exalt” Him. “Exalt” means to glorify, extol, praise, and acclaim. To raise to a higher rank or position of great power. What are some ways you can make Jesus greater in your life and in the world?

3. John the Baptist also stated that, “…I must become less.” What do you think John was talking about when he made this statement?

4. To make yourself less means to “humble” yourself. To humble yourself means to take the focus off of yourself and focusing on what really matters – God, and His glory! What are some ways you can take the focus off yourself and put the spotlight on Jesus today?


Live It

1. DECLARE. John the Baptist said aloud that he needed to yield his life and his work to Jesus Christ. Think of ways this week you can declare to others out loud that Jesus is the focus of your life.

2. EXALT. Think of ways you can exalt Jesus and make Him more in your life, in your daily schedule, and in your speech. Share some of these ideas in this discussion. And then, start! Begin to be about the business of lifting up Jesus every day!

3. HUMBLE. Think of ways you can, “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord.” (James 4:10). Share some of these ideas with your discussion group. And then commit to yielding your life to Jesus every moment of every day…becoming less as He becomes more!

4. EXPECT! As you put Jesus Christ first in your life, expect the blessings that come as you, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.” (Matthew 6:33).


Pray It

Heavenly Father. Exalt yourself through me. Show me your glory, and make your Son known to me. Fill me with your Spirit, give light through your knowledge, and help me to humble myself before You. In Jesus’ name…Amen.


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